Nutrition Supplements

We use the highest quality, non-synthetic nutritional supplements based on whole food sources. These are not the same as the typical health food store supplements that mostly has synthetic components of vitamins they claim to supplement.

Whole food nutrition and food source supplements provide the body with the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and co-factors that assist with metabolic processes and help the body heal and prevent disease.  Dr. Osborne incorporates nutrition counseling and food source supplements in his practice to best support his patients to achieve an optimum state of health.

The Whole Food Supplement Difference

Dr. Osborne highly recommends whole food supplements over synthetic, isolated, fractionated vitamins.  Most of his patients can notice the difference, within a week of starting the recommend supplements.  When we use whole food supplements, we are feeding your system back to health.  Whole food supplements are just that, they are food.  They come from both vegetable and animal products, where the water the fiber and the fat are removed at room temperature with vacuum extraction.  This process retains the minerals, and the enzymes, and keeps them in the proportions your body needs them to be to work most effectively.

Whole Food Supplements vs. Synthetic Supplements:

Nature does not produce vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, or any other food components in concentrated or segregated forms, but merges and blends them synchronizes them for the body s needs. The idea that if a little is good, more is better leads to ingestion of mega doses of high potency, refined, separated nutrients , dismantled, disassembled, or artificially manufactured chemical supplements. This will work for a short time by pharmacologically stimulating or suppressing.  Eventually, this method backfires and causes complications, imbalances.  The body works to eliminate the excess and what it perceives as foreign, non-food.  It attempts to combine the isolated chemical and other members of the complex, which normally appear in food, taking rather than giving.  Such supplements do not contribute to health, they only disrupt it.  Balance and function-not quantity- are the keys.