Services & Techniques

Our office is equipped with cutting-edge technology to assist the body in its natural healing process.


The acronym stands for Advanced Muscle Integration Technique and identifies and corrects muscles that are functionally switched off. As muscles are the display units of body function, AMIT goes deep to affect all body systems. Dr. Osborne is the only chiropractor in Central Texas certified in AMIT.

Bilateral Nasal Specific 

Or BNS, unlocks and releases tension in the cranial and facial bones improving oxygen, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid flow throughout the brain and nervous system. It essentially reboots the brain and sinuses while decompressing the joints of the head and face. The benefits are too numerous to list but if Dr. Osborne was limited to one technique, BNS would hands down be the one.

Specific Chiropractic

Chiropractic champions a natural method of healing advocating a non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug less approach to the treatment of patients. We view each patient not just a collection of parts, but as a wondrously complex whole.

Kids Chiropractic

Although chiropractic care is important for people of all ages, it is especially important for infants and children. Our care for infants and children is safe, gentle, and often necessary for optimal growth and development. An early introduction into chiropractic can manage, correct, or even prevent many common newborn health complaints such as colic, breathing problems, nursing difficulties, sleep disturbances, and ear infections. As the child matures, intermittent care can assure proper growth and development of his or her whole body. Pediatric chiropractic care may be the most important service we provide.

Rehabilitative Exercises

It’s no secret the increasing your strength and flexibility will add to the benefit of your care. Since we want you to get better as quickly as possible, our doctors employ various techniques of stretching, strengthening, and neuromuscular re-education throughout your treatment plan. All exercises are not created equal, so we focus on tailoring your rehabilitation to meet your specific needs.

Sports Chiropractic

Most common sports conditions such as strains and sprains, bursitis, tendonitis and pronation have a crucial biomechanical component that we can address. Upper extremity (shoulder/arm/hand) and lower extremity (hip/knee/foot) conditions respond quickly to our thorough care. In fact, we’ve found that integrating extremity care and spinal care results in optimal full body function.

 Nutrition Testing & Counseling

Osborne Family Chiropractic provides one-on-one counseling regarding your specific nutritional needs with an emphasis on diet and supplementation. Utilizing detoxification, food sensitivity assessment and other tools to discover body chemistry imbalances, can find the answer to a variety of conditions like acne, heartburn and chronic inflammation. We’ll help you find the reason a problem exists and give you the nutritional recommendations to begin shifting the balance. Most issues can be solved with simple changes and no dependence on outside sources or medications.

Cold Laser Therapy

The high-intensity light used in Cold Laser Therapy stimulates damaged cells to produce energy (ATP), which improves their function, assists their division, strengthens the body’s immune system, and causes the secretion of various beneficial proteins, hormones, and endorphins. As a result, the body’s tissues are healed, and pain is eased or eliminated. If damaged cells have died, the photons emitted by the cold laser help the division of neighboring cells to generate new healthy tissue, and thus bring about healing. Additionally, healthy cells treated with Cold Laser Therapy release healthy chemical substances into the blood and lymphatic systems that flow to other parts of the body. In this way, the effects of Cold Laser Therapy may not be only local, but can also achieve wide systemic benefits.

Detoxification Cleanse & Weight Loss

Standard Process 21 day Purification Program is a powerful method to ‘reset’ your system and establish healthier ways to nourishing yourself to increase energy and vitality.  It can assist you in creating new habits that support a healthier body and assist in improving the function of the internal organs.  This gentle, yet effective program will also provide steady weight loss by ridding the body of excess fat, hormones and toxins.  If you struggle with sluggishness or fatigue, facial breakouts, sweet cravings, weight gain, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, or simply don´t know how to turn your diet and lifestyle around, then our Purification program is designed is for you.

Drop Table Adjusting

Drop table adjustments are very comfortable, safe, and effective. The table itself is designed to have a small drop in it. This table has eliminated the need to “twist” or “crack” the spine. Most of our patients are grateful that we use this style of adjusting. Our patient’s fast healing results along with our exceptional spinal correction x-rays have proven that precision analysis along with precision correction go hand and hand in achieving amazing results.


Thermography is used to record heat patterns radiating from the body and help identify which areas are not healing properly. This method maximizes results by allowing us to pinpoint possible problem areas, track your progress, and deliver precise corrective care.

 Impulse Adjusting Instrument

This is the cutting edge in technological advancements in chiropractic treatment. The Impulse Adjusting instrument offers highly effective light force adjustments without the “popping or clicking” of a manual adjustment. Safe and effective for all ages, the Impulse Adjusting Instrument is controlled by micro-computer circuitry housed within the device that produces a controlled force that chiropractors can use to treat different areas of the body.

Custom Orthotics

We are a certifiied Custom Fit Orthotics provider from Sole Supports.  Find out how we can help improve your total body wellness, from head to toe!