Nutrition is essential to feeling and functioning your best as well as long term health and vitality.  It is no secret the Standard American Diet (SAD) has obvious and epidemic negative physical, emotional, and mental consequences and contributes to the cause of chronic disease.  At Osborne Family Chiropractic we advocate a whole food paleo diet low in carbohydrates and sugar with no processed sugar.  

Sustainable practices make a difference so look for organic, grass fed, pasture raised, and non-GMO on packaging.  Local Farmer’s Markets are great places to find quality whole foods and connect with your local community while supporting local farms and ranches.  

Although more temptations and opportunities for bad food choices exist today than ever, we are quite fortunate to live in an age of nutritional awakening, or maybe re-awakening.  There is a wealth of information and cookbooks available on Amazon.  Additionally, we have provided a database of easy, healthy, recipes on our website to help you get started.

Even with stellar diets, the stress of modern lifestyles often depletes vital nutrients faster than we can replace them through diet alone.  Quality whole food supplements have become increasingly important for optimal health for several key reasons:

  1. As mentioned above, modern lifestyles are overwhelmingly stressful.  The physiological demand to “keep up” is expensive to the micro-nutrients that keep you healthy and performing optimally.  
  2. Synthetic over-the-counter mega vitamins and “enriched” [non] foods create a nutrient vacuum.  These popular and advertised mega dose vitamins are not natural.  They are actually laboratory created synthetic chemicals that are meant to mimic only a fragment of the vitamin complex found in nature whose name they share.  In attempt to complete the natural vitamin complex, your body uses stored micro-nutrients en mass when synthetic fragments are consumed as they are sold today.  Over time actually creating the very nutrient deficiencies they are sold to correct.
  3. Generational malnutrition.  Our inherited microbiome from our mothers is weaker than previous generations due to overuse of antibiotics, generally poorer diets, and mineral depletion in soil due to modern agricultural practices.

It is because of this we recommend quality whole food supplementation and regular detoxification.  We are also excited to offer 10-day reset programs for system targeted detox.  

In 2013 Dr. Osborne completed the 100 hour post-graduate Applied Clinical Nutrition certification and utilizes clinical nutrition for targeted support and nourishment.

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