Bilateral Nasal Specific


What is Bilateral Nasal Specific?

The bilateral nasal specific technique, or BNS, is a method of re-establishing the normal alignment and function of the facial and sinus bones in the skull, particularly the sphenoid bone.

Who can benefit?

Individuals that have had any trauma to the neck or head region such as a whiplash or standing up underneath a cupboard door benefit greatly from this procedure as many times a trauma is what starts one down the path of poor health.


How does the technique work?

Our bodies are constantly striving for balance neurologically, metabolically, and structurally.  If your head is not in proper alignment your body will continually strive to find proper balance.  Many times the poor posturing starts from a trauma such as a sports injury like a blow to the face or a header in soccer.  Other traumas to the head and neck might be from a whiplash injury as in an automobile accident.  Regardless of the mechanism of injury these types of traumas cause the nerves, bones, and muscles to go into a state of shock and stop functioning properly.  In order to restore balance using this technique, a small finger cot or balloon is inserted into the nasal cavity after thorough history and exam.  The balloon is quickly inflated, deflated, and then removed.  This process puts pressure on the tissue in front of the sphenoid bone within the skull flexing and shifting the cranial plates releasing built up pressure on the brain, cerebrospinal fluid tubes and blood vessels.  Therefore balance is re-established and the body is able to function at its optimal potential.

What to expect

Nasal Specific uses finger cots, affixed to a blood pressure bulb (a sphygmomanometer) to deliver an even and effective controlled force of pressure. The finger cot portion of this device is lubricated and the un-inflated finger cot is inserted into one of the six nasal passages, guided by a probe. Squeezing the pressure bulb applies air into the finger cot/balloon. As this air pressure becomes greater it pushes on the walls of the nasal passageways, eventually it squeezes its way through to the back of the throat. The practitioner then quickly releases this pressure. This process takes one to three seconds and may be uncomfortable but the results are worth it.

After the procedure, some patients may experience temporary nasal bleeding, sore gums, throat or teeth because of cranial release. On a brighter note, immediately after patients often report having increased energy, better breathing, clear-headedness, sharper memory, more joy and happiness.  BNS is by no means a cure-all but for those people who have had head, neck, or facial trauma, the procedure can be miraculous.image

 Sphenoid Bone

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