Patient Reviews

“I found Dr Osborne in April 2015. I was listening to a strength & conditioning podcast on my way home from a spring break ski trip. In the podcast a former NFL player was talking about treatments he received from Dr Craig Buhler in Utah. He talked about how much these treatments had helped him. The treatment was AMIT.
At the time I had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain. I’m a coach and couldn’t hold a PVC pipe above my head when demonstrating without grimacing in pain. Despite extensive mobility, massage, regular chiropractic adjustments and airrosti treatments the pain was getting worse and was spreading down the muscles of my arm. I felt like AMIT was my last hope.
I made an appointment with Dr Osborne for a problem focused limited muscle examination of my shoulder. Dr Osborne explained everything he was doing as he was testing my muscles. Out of 40 muscles he tested in my shoulder area, 20 were not working. In the first appointment he activated 2 muscles and could instantly feel the difference, even a little pain had subsided. This felt even better in the following days. I quickly made another appointment as I was eager to continue with treatment. I had more muscles activated and began to get increased mobility and strength and more importantly a lot less pain.
Roll on to October 2015 and I am back to even better health than before my injury. I have seen Dr Osborne for other issues and because of this I have had countless PR’s and better technique, my energy has increased and I have more mental clarity than I’ve had for a long time.
I cannot thank Dr Osborne enough, he has helped me when no one else could and when I was starting to think I would have to live with pain and deflated energy. I can honestly say that this treatment has changed my life for the better and it’s all down to the modern day healing of Dr Osborne.” –Nicola G
“I have been a marathoner for over 10 years. And I have always been happy going long and slow…usually about a 9:30-9:45/mile pace. About three years ago, I decided to add CrossFit into my training routine. For the first couple of years, CrossFit helped me tremendously. It somewhat improved my race times, but more importantly, it drastically reduced my recovery time after each run. I felt strong. Then after a couple of years of progress in the weight room and on the road, I actually started to regress. The regression began in January 2015 when I threw my back out with a big sneeze. This event started a whole series of “injuries and issues”. My running pace was increasing and the amount of weight I could lift/squat was decreasing. After seeking guidance and help from four other doctors (3 holistic and one orthopedist), I was finally referred to Dr Osborne. In October 2015, he began using AMIT on me and the progress has been amazing. I am currently lifting more weight than I ever have (and I’m 45 years old) and running faster than ever. In fact, I just went out for a 6 mile run yesterday and ran it at a comfortable 8:28/mile average pace! Many thanks to Dr Osborne! He is amazing!” –Joyce C
“I moved to Texas from Massachusetts about 18 years ago.  Over the years I became aware of the problem of allergies in this part of the world.  Folks would say, from time to time, that eventually, perhaps after about 15 years here, I’d be allergic to something.  Well, I think my day has come.  I noticed, about a year ago, that every year around the same time of year for about the past three years, I lose my voice.  Last year was the worst year yet.  I remember getting sick on a Friday with flu-like symptoms.  But I didn’t have the flu and while most of my symptoms disappeared within a few days, my voice was severely affected.  Because I am a group fitness instructor and a member of my church’s worship team, I need my voice!  After my brief sickness, I had no use of my upper vocal register.  I could talk and I could teach my classes, but my voice would often crack and if I tried to sing above my vocal break point, nothing emerged!  I actually had to quit the worship team for months.
I went to a local allergy center and they performed a complete skin test.  The results were horrible.  I am apparently allergic to pretty much everything in Austin except molds.  I tested positive for allergies to all grasses, all weeds, all trees, dogs, cats, and a host of other things!  They recommended a strict steroid regimen.  I decided to investigate more natural solutions.
My naturopath, Melissa Russ, took a look at my skin test results and made some recommendations about how we could tackle my problems.  She also suggested a visit to Dr. Ryan Osborne.  She told me that as a fitness professional, I needed to know him anyway, but she was also convinced that he could help me with my allergies by performing his nasal adjustment procedure.
I was excited to know that there was something that might help me!  The first time we met, Dr. Osborne gave me a thorough explanation of the procedure he recommended and I experienced almost immediate relief after the first treatment!  I remember walking out of his office thinking that I had forgotten what it felt like to breathe so clearly!  How many years have I had a stuffy nose??
Within just a few sessions, I regained the use of my upper register.  The vocal cracking is gone and I am happily back on my worship team!  The whole experience was so wonderful!  From the time I entered the office, I felt like family.  He was extremely gentle and showed great concern for me even after my series of adjustments were complete.  I would highly recommend him to others who struggle with sinus issues along with a host of other things and I am so very grateful to know that he is right down the road whenever I need him again!!” – Sharonda C.
“I was referred by a friend of mine, having chiropractic care before was not always very helpful. It was like in and out in a few minutes or so.  What a different outcome it was, once I met Dr. Osborne. He truly cares for his patients, listens well and takes a wonderful approach to every patient he cares for.chiropractic patient testimony fix my back doctor Osborne austin txMy personal treatment was none like I had before. He examined me, gave me adjustments, and after my 2nd treatment, I felt wonderful relieve. He took time with me, and after a few more adjustments I was pain free.
Dr. Osborne’s treatments were fantastic to say the very least. My range of motion is back to normal.  He is the best Chiropractor by far. Caring, sweet, his main goal is to get his patients well, by his fast acting treatments. I recommend Dr. Osborne  highly, to everyone who seeks fast results for their ailments.I thank him with all my heart, for changing my life.
Thank you Dr. Osborne continue your awesome work and may God bless you richly.”  –Elvira W.
“Thumbs up to chiropractic, I was healed without the use of taking drugs!”-Amy V.
“I feel better, no more headaches or sinus pressure. My energy is back and I feel really good.”-Dalila L.
“My whole physical state has increased, I have fewer headaches and body aches. I find chiropractic greatly increases my energy and flexibility; it makes my daily activities easier.”-Judy S.
Chiropractic has helped mchiro patient 2e because now I am able to RELAX.”-Daniel V.
“Through Dr. Osborne’s work, the pain in my shoulder is no longer noticeable, and I have been able to enjoy my life without worrying about it anymore. I am pain free.”-Alice B.

“Dr. Osborne adjusted my back, leg, and foot and used the Cold Laser on the bottom of my foot. All of these worked together to bring me relief in my legs.”-Vic S.

“I cant remember the last time I saw a doctor with so much knowledge and passion for his career. I highly recommend Dr. Osborne.” –Timothy L.


“Thank you for your time in seeing me so quickly after hearing of my accident. As you know, I was rear ended on January 22nd and have been living in some pain ever since. Not now after seeing you!I wanted to take the time to let you know that I really felt at ease the moment I entered your clinic and I truly felt everyone there already knew me and knew why I was coming in to see you. I met your wonderful wife, and she was great at welcoming me into your clinic. She was able to be involved in my initial examination and was very professional and warm. I also wanted to specifically point out that the way you have become my “Cheerleader” in my therapy really has made a difference in my healing. The excitement you show in knowing that I will feel better, and feel better soon, is uncanny. I have never seen someone so genuinely excited to help heal a person as I have seen in you. Thank you so much for this. I feel fantastic and I’ve only had 4 sessions with you.  I continue to look forward to our treatments throughout this recovery. How you practice is truly how medical care should be. Thank you Dr. Osborne!”Gracie E.


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