At Osborne Family Chiropractic Wellness we offer holistic, integrated healthcare for the entire family. For many, chiropractic adjustments bring the vision of back pain. Our chiropractic adjustments have a very different purpose. Specific adjustments help you release the tensions that you experience each day to enable you to reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom.

Your body is constantly receiving and storing information from its internal and external environment. If it becomes overloaded with input, the circuits will crash, much like a computer system crashes when information is fed in too quickly. Unlike the computer, however, the body’s innate wisdom can adapt and change. Instead of shutting down the entire system, the body will adapt by creating what we call a subluxation — an event that is stored in your body as tension and not released or integrated.

You probably will not notice one or two subluxations. As they start to accumulate, however, the effects become much greater and the body and the mind become progressively more rigid and inflexible. You also may start to notice symptoms in your body — the physical signs of subluxations/ imbalance.

Subluxations impede the body’s ability to adjust, self-correct and recover from stress. Our body then has a distorted perception and interpretation of it’s unique internal and external environments. The natural healing ability of the body is then diminished and we slowly become a human being locked in the past rather than one who is in the present “now” moment.

The body’s ability to adapt is so great that it will continue to function even when greatly compromised. Even more amazing is the body’s ability to heal. Given the slightest chance to improve, your body will self-correct!Receiving-Chiropractic-

Chiropractic adjustments give your system that chance to heal. Just as the subluxations in your system accumulate bit by bit in your body, regular adjustments gradually and progressively release those subluxations. With each adjustment, your system becomes better able to adapt, heal and self-correct. It gets closer to living in the “now” moment. Don’t you deserve to live your life with that ease?

If you want an opportunity to develop a real relationship with a doctor you can trust and learn a different approach to health and healing then this is the office for you.