Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

The cold laser is a revolutionary, painless, and safe treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other chronic pain conditions and injuries which involve the musculoskeletal system. In cold laser therapy, the light or photon energy possesses the unique property of being able to penetrate up to two inches below the skin surface, causing an increase in cellular metabolism with no tissue damage. Cold laser therapy can be an effective treatment for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sport injuries as well as chronic neck pain. At OFC Wellness, we recommend many of our patients try cold laser therapy for back pain.


  • Improve tissue regeneration

  • Reduce chronic inflammation

  • Stimulate immune system

  • Quicken healing time

Many patients have found laser therapy pain relief at our clinic. The laser emits low-energy and does not harm skin. Depending on the patient’s condition, a single laser therapy treatment or a multiple treatments may be prescribed.

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