Sports Recovery

Sports Injuries

Pushing athletic performance to the limit and beyond is not unique to elite athletes. 

Over training causes muscles to be overloaded.

When muscles are overloaded, one of two things happen: The muscles tear, or more commonly, functional muscle contraction is inhibited by specialized nerve cells, much like a circuit breaker, to prevent further damage.

Injury to a joint will also result in inhibition of the muscles crossing over the joint called Arthrogenic Muscle Inhibition. This is common after joint surgery making rehab difficult.

If inhibited muscles continue to be used weakness continues while pain and inflammation increase in both frequency and intensity. Additionally, surrounding muscles are recruited to take on the work of inhibited muscle(s).

Overtime, the extra workload on surrounding muscles results in expanding aberrant function and the cycle continues unless functional balance, stability, and strength are restored.

Ultimately, chronic pain, instability, scar tissue, and degeneration occur in tendons, ligaments, and joints when adaptation is no longer an option.

shoulder pain chiropractic

AMIT instantly restores functional balance, stability, and strength to muscles and joints.

By manually stimulating both physical and energetic components of muscles, AMIT re-integrates specialized nerve cells responsible for functional stability, strength, and fine motor control.

Re-integrated nerve cells turn normal muscle function back on making recovery almost immediate.

AMIT engenders a functional foundation to confidently EXCELerate performance without fear of injury.  Results mean fast recovery, new PR’s, reduced injury, longer career, and healthier retirement.

Fueling Your Engine

Exercise, especially participation in sports, drains the body’s nutritional stores. These nutritional stores are essential to your body’s core strength, building your body’s ability to prevent injury and recover quickly. Dr. Osborne will discuss dietary recommendations and the use of supplements to increase the body’s optimum function.  Athletes recover  faster when vital nutrients are restored rapidly and efficiently.