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I found Dr Osborne in April 2015. I was listening to a strength & conditioning podcast on my way home from a spring break ski trip. In the podcast a former NFL player was talking about treatments he received from Dr Craig Buhler in Utah. He talked about how much these treatments had helped him. The treatment was AMIT.

At the time I had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain. I’m a coach and couldn’t hold a PVC pipe above my head when demonstrating without grimacing in pain. Despite extensive mobility, massage, regular chiropractic adjustments and airrosti treatments the pain was getting worse and was spreading down the muscles of my arm. I felt like AMIT was my last hope.

I made an appointment with Dr Osborne for a problem focused limited muscle examination of my shoulder. Dr Osborne explained everything he was doing as he was testing my muscles. Out of 40 muscles he tested in my shoulder area, 20 were not working. In the first appointment he activated 2 muscles and could instantly feel the difference, even a little pain had subsided. This felt even better in the following days. I quickly made another appointment as I was eager to continue with treatment. I had more muscles activated and began to get increased mobility and strength and more importantly a lot less pain.

Roll on to October 2015 and I am back to even better health than before my injury. I have seen Dr Osborne for other issues and because of this I have had countless PR’s and better technique, my energy has increased and I have more mental clarity than I’ve had for a long time.

I cannot thank Dr Osborne enough, he has helped me when no one else could and when I was starting to think I would have to live with pain and deflated energy. I can honestly say that this treatment has changed my life for the better and it’s all down to the modern day healing of Dr Osborne.

Nicola G. November 2015


I have been a distance runner/marathoner for over 10 years. And I have always been happy going long and slow…usually about a 9:30-9:45/mile pace. About three years ago, I decided to add CrossFit into my training routine. For the first couple of years, CrossFit helped me tremendously. It somewhat improved my race times, but more importantly, it drastically reduced my recovery time after each run. I felt strong. Then after a couple of years of progress in the weight room and on the road, I actually started to regress. The regression began in January 2015 when I threw my back out with a big sneeze. This event started a whole series of “injuries and issues”. My running pace was increasing and the amount of weight I could lift/squat was decreasing. After seeking guidance and help from four other doctors (3 holistic and one orthopedist), I was finally referred to Dr Osborne. In October 2015, he began using AMIT on me and the progress has been amazing. I am currently lifting more weight than I ever have (and I’m 45 years old) and running faster than ever. In fact, I just went out for a 6 mile run yesterday and ran it at a comfortable 8:28/mile average pace! Many thanks to Dr Osborne! He is amazing!

Joyce C  January 2016