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Interesting Facts About Supplements

    Think about the supplement facts listed on the vitamins you take.   It’s probably got some pretty high numbers on there.  100% of your daily value for all the vitamins you can name and some you can’t, usually 300% or more of your Vitamin C, plenty of calcium, perhaps even some protein or […]
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Your Guide to Vitamins

  There are some essential supplements that I think any-body could benefit by including in your “medicine” cabinet: 1.  Omega-3 oil:  our modern diet is typically void of this essential nutrient.  The best sources for omega-3 oil are eggs and fish.  A good quality fish oil or krill oil is the best way to supplement. […]
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Natural Medicine Cabinet

Health Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

We are a huge fan of using all kinds of tasty vinegars to expand the flavor profiles of various dishes, but the best types of vinegars are organic, naturally brewed, unfiltered and unpasteurized versions of apple cider, raw coconut, brown rice and white wine vinegars.  When it comes to my favorite health elixir, I rely […]
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