Interesting Facts About Supplements



Think about the supplement facts listed on the vitamins you take.


It’s probably got some pretty high numbers on there.  100% of your daily value for all the vitamins you can name and some you can’t, usually 300% or more of your Vitamin C, plenty of calcium, perhaps even some protein or fiber.  All compressed into one little pill!  There’s only one problem…


These vitamin supplements are not doing the job they claim to!


Seems odd, but it’s true.  The problem with most synthetic vitamins is they only offer part of the particular nutrient.  You’ve probably heard the phrase “vitamin complex:” this refers to a complex structure of nutrients that our bodies need to properly absorb vitamins and minerals.  Most synthetic vitamins only provide the basic structure of the vitamin, not the additional structures of the complete complex.


A synthetic supplement, like fast food, is meant to maximize profit and minimize value.


Producers of synthetic supplements generally place profits over health and wellness.  But the makers of Standard Process supplements are different.  They make all of their supplements from organically grown whole food, and nothing else.  Check out their ingredient lists.  You should recognize just about everything you see there.  That’s because the supplements of Standard Process use whole foods to give you the entire vitamin complex mentioned above as it occurs naturally, in food.  This will help your body properly absorb the nutrients the pills provide, and nothing is wasted or filtered out of the body.


Why are the daily values of Standard Process supplements so low?


To put it plainly, because they are more efficient and more realistic, and therefore don’t have to be any higher.  If you think about the size of the typical synthetic multivitamin, does it really make sense that all of those nutrients, at the values claimed, could efficiently be contained within?  Each single pill from Standard Process, with comparable size to synthetics, contains more actual food products and supplies your body with more readily absorbable nutrients.  Also, certain nutrients like iron are so common in other foods that excessive intake can overtax the body and cause serious problems later on, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  Standard Process seeks to get you closer to 100% of everything you need to be healthy and well.


What about the cost?


True, Standard Process products are more expensive than SOME synthetic supplements.  They are committed to wellness with the best possible materials, which is the reason for the cost and why they can only be found through like-minded medical and health-oriented establishments.  But are they really that expensive?  A year’s supply of Catalyn and Tuna Omega-3, the two most important supplements we carry together work out to be $1.25 a day. So think about how much optimum health and bodily function is to you and Choose Standard Process Supplements.


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