Extremity Adjustments and Rehab

impulse-instrumnet-extremity sports chiropractic recovery athlete round rock health

At our office we use the Neuromuscular Impulse Tool

This gentle device is for spinal manipulations or “adjustments” on those who are shy about chiropractic. Joint care is a necessity, regardless of age. This tool helps us to gently and painlessly give care to those with osteoporosis, whiplash, and diabetes. It is the perfect choice for those who might be more physically or mentally fragile than others or for those who want guaranteed focal treatment of their spine. Offering many types of spinal care based on your choices and needs, this is one choice and is a new take on the old Activator tool methods. We believe this tool to be the most user friendly choice of your options for spinal care.

Beginning with a light setting, we gently assess your response to the tool and if you are satisfied with it’s care, we gently modify the setting to the region (the low back takes the highest force and the neck takes the least) and your inflammation or injury status. The spine has 3 joints between each vertebrae, the disc on the front and two little winged joints called “facet” joints on the back. Studies have shown that the correct motion applied to a stuck misaligned vertebrae or facet joint allow motion again to return to the spine and even out the force applied to angry discs, muscles, and ligaments which are the pain-generators around the spine.

Above all, our goal is to return your joints to pain free motion without fear of additional injury or pain.

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