Health Care Through a Different Lense

Traditional health care has been dominant for many decades here in the western part of the world. How effective has this been in creating a healthier America? A healthier You? And a healthier family?

Americans are indoctrinated to turn to standard medicine such as the use of prescription drugs which typically offer a wide range of side effects, often times requiring other synthetic based drugs to ‘offset’ the side-effects. If this approach were working, why then is America’s health status consistently decreasing with the rise in heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and neurological dysfunctions?  The US has the most technology and the most medical doctors and yet ranks 37th in health care of the industrialized world!

If your mechanic determines you have “Chronic Clutch Dysfunction” and prescribed a new clutch every month…the sensible action for most everyone would be to find a new mechanic.

This is exactly how standard medicine works. Instead of consistently making small improvements through adjustments of the spine, which in turn help your nervous and immune systems function more efficiently and operate at a higher level, prescription drugs primarily focus on the symptom rather than the whole picture.

Chiropractic As Mainstream Healthcare

Chiropractic “Health Care” should be perceived as a “Standard Prescription.”  Getting yourself adjusted on a frequent basis (once per week even when you feel fine) is the perfect opportunity for your spine, nervous and immune systems to receive the boost in clarity and performance you need to function well.

If you drove your car 24 hours per day, 365 days per year wouldn’t it be common sense to give your car more frequent care and maintenance?

Somehow, when it comes to your body it’s different? Your body works for you every second of every living day! So it makes sense that the higher the workload, the higher you demand of your body…the more maintenance it will need. Chiropractors are proud to serve this purpose. Consistently available for you to help create balance and alignment through light adjustments helping your nervous and immune system communicate and function at its highest potential.

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