Why You Need Whole Food Supplements

Vitamins vs. Whole Food Supplements – What’s the Difference?
Regardless what vitamin companies would have you believe, the truth is that the vitamins and
minerals in food is not the same as those found in most supplemental vitamins and minerals. In
fact, the vitamins and minerals promoted by USP vitamins cannot be found in any food! Even the
word “natural” is completely different! In the aforementioned “natural” supplements, the
ingredients are USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) vitamins which means that they are isolated
pharmaceutical (drug-like) chemicals and many of the minerals are mined from the ground.

Vitamins Supplements Versus Food
For example: Vitamin B-6 found in ordinary supplements is pyridoxine hydrocholine, a synthetic
USP chemical. This is not even similar to the vitamin B-6 in food. You will not find pyridoxine
hydrochloride in any food.
The vitamins in good whole-food nutritional supplements are in a high-complex food form, and we
might call these a “food matrix” which our bodies can readily recognize and utilize. These food
matrixes contain proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, bioflavonoids and other food factors.
The USP vitamins in supplements are NOT found in a food matrix, instead, they are isolated
chemicals which your cells cannot readily recognize and utilize properly.
Your body does the most that it can to absorb a small amount of these elements but most them
are excreted. The cells of your body were originally designed by nature to be nourished by natural
foods not by pharmaceutical chemicals.

Do You Know Your “Food-Based” Vitamin/Mineral Supplier?
Many times the “natural” or “food-based” supplements are formulated with the same USP
chemical vitamins and minerals as mentioned above. They simply put them into a big blender and
add a small amount of powdered food – then they are sold as powders, tablets or liquids – this
does not change the USP vitamins and minerals. Your body will still not recognize them. You can
fool your mind but you cannot fool the cells of your body. Does the label on your vitamin mineral
supplement list the whole-foods it contains?
I use only Whole Food Supplements made from organically raised produce. There is really only
one manufacturer who can make such a claim – that is Standard Process, Inc.

Check the labels of your supplements to make sure they do not use partial or synthetic vitamins. Remember, stay
close to nature; any whole food source of vitamins will give you the natural and complete vitamin complexes that your body needs and deserves.