Whole Food Nutrition and OFC Wellness Round Rock

How clean is your fuel?  

Maybe you are reading this and you’re wishing you could trade in your once incredible, vibrantly healthy living machine (body) in for a new model.  Or perhaps you consider yourself a victim of bad genes or bad luck and feel as though you were issued a defective model from the start having struggled with poor health your whole life.  Or maybe you’re somewhere in between:  Some days are better than others, but you have more digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, sleepless nights, pain, sick days or a combination of these than you used to.  There is hope!546075_351667164900211_691527246_n

Health is my purpose and my passion!  Clean fuel (proper nutrition) is an indispensable pillar of optimal health and one of the primary causes of vertebral subluxation in our modern lifestyles.  If your diet is deficient in nutrients or toxic from synthetic chemicals masquerading as food, your health will suffer.  Even the vast majority of supplements on the shelves of major stores are either all out toxic over time or at the very least deficient in whole food nutrients i.e. ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C.

When God designed us to eat food, His plan was for us to eat the whole food.  With such a plan, the whole food has vital nutrient co-factors that dead, synthetic supplements simply do not contain.  With out nutrient co-factors, they body either will not absorb and utilize the supplement properly or will supply the co-factors from storage.  When your body has to supply the co-factors you are left with a deficiency!  

To address this common need, I utilize nutritional therapy at Osborne Family Chiropractic.  Nutritional therapy restores dietary balance by replenishing nutritional deficiencies and eliminating cellular toxicity using live, whole food supplements.  To determine individual needs and monitor progress, lab work including blood, tissue, saliva, and stool samples is often analyzed along with physical testing and symptom surveying.  

Keep in mind that even with an all organic diet free of any toxins, though I have yet to find a real life example of this, may still have nutritional deficiencies due to depleted minerals in the soil used to grow the vegetables.  We simply do not have access to the same quality of food that our ancestors did.  

Healthy fuel and proper nutrients will soon have your body healing and working better than maybe you ever thought possible.

If you are barely running on filthy fuel or want to be proactive with your health and discover any asymptomatic nutritional imbalance contact me at dr.ryan@ofcwellness.com or call (512) 255-9711 for an appointment today!

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