Healthy Tune Ups

Why is it that so many people spend more money on maintaining the optimal function of their automobiles every year than maintaining the optimal function of their body?  In a 2010 study AAA calculated the average cost to own and operate a mid-sized car to be 56.6 cents per mile or $8,487/ year based on 15,000 miles driven per year.

All responsible drivers are well aware of the fact that regular vehicle maintenance can be a matter of life and death.  Safety for all who are in the vehicle and on the road is the number one reason to maintain your car or truck.  Ensuring the reliability and longevity of your investment and, for many Americans, primary means of transportation is number two.  Failure to maintain your vehicle will lead to a much more frustrating and expensive outcome than should otherwise be expected.

For every human, our primary means of transportation for life is our physical body.   

Why in the world would a prudent person spend more time, effort, and money on a replaceable hunk of steel meant to last 5-10 years than their one and only living body meant to last 100+ years?

If we utilize a similar maintenance strategy on our bodies as we do our cars we can keep ourselves at optimal performance.  Peak function not only helps to ensure a more productive and higher quality of life along the way, but just like your car, maintaining your body will potentially save you a fortune in future medical expenses from unnecessary “breakdowns”.

It’s important to point out the fundamental difference between your car and your body is life.  Your car has only the operator’s intelligence to initiate its function, provide proper maintenance, or a repair.  On the other hand, your body is endowed with an inborn, God breathed, Innate Intelligence that constantly organizes and reorganizes the chemistry, cells, glands, organs, and systems in the best way possible to maintain function, automatically.  If you are unconvinced of this fact, when was the last time you told your heart to beat, or your lungs to breath, or your immune system to fire up an immune response?  Life is dynamic.  The intelligence that created you is always adapting your body appropriately to the environment in which you are exposed.  Old cells are constantly dying and new cells are being regenerated.  The speed and health of cell replacement is a strong indicator of future health.

Though Innate Intelligence is ethereal, nerve tissue, being the most highly conductive tissue in the body, is the preferred means of transmission.  Nerve impulses transmit vital information from the brain to all 55 trillion cells of the body to regulate all hormones, enzymes, glandular secretions, emotions, energy, digestion, blood chemistry, etc.  Every function of the body is initiated by the master control system that is the nervous system.  The spinal column is charged with protecting the spinal cord to allow for uninterrupted nerve transmission and optimal system regulation.

The Vertebral Subluxation Theory suggests that environmental stress, whether physical, chemical, or emotional, has the propensity to shift the bones of the spinal column out of their normal juxtaposition causing a loss of structural integrity.  Instead of protecting the spinal cord, a spine with one or more vertebral subluxations present will actually irritate the spinal cord and alter the quality and/or quantity of nerve impulses.

While car maintenance schedules are laid out by the manufacturer and are easy to follow, our personal health maintenance schedule is not that obvious.  So I suggest making a list of what you do to maintain your car and matching that list to ways to maintain your body.  For example:


Weekly to Monthly

  • Car- re-fuel, wash, vacuum
  • Body- spinal integrity check-up with your chiropractor


  • Car- state inspection, registration
  • Body- spinal x-rays and re-evaluation from your chiropractor

Humans are creatures of habit.  Unfortunately, most patients that consult me with health problems believe they are victims of bad germs, bad luck, or bad genes.  This is the prevailing mindset of America and leaves little reason for personal responsibility.  The truth is, in health and life in general, we reap what we sow.  Just as proper vehicle maintenance will save you money in repairs, decrease the inconvenience of breakdown, and increase the life of your car, proper spinal maintenance will potentially save you money in future health care costs, decrease the inconvenience of poor health, and increase life in quality and length.

Writing down and following a simple maintenance plan will go a long way in creating healthy habits for LIFE!

If you or someone you know is looking for a wellness center for guidance in creating a maintenance plan or to carry out your maintenance plan please visit or call 512.255.9711 to schedule a consultation.

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